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This is what I do best. I'll tell you more when we speak.


I am especially thankful that certain terms exist. Branding is one of them. Branding combines an array of concepts, from audience definition, competition analysis, consumer psychology, naming, graphic design, influence, first impression, advertising, copywriting, trends and so on, all combined in one single simple term. Branding. I love branding. Let me do this for you.


That's a terrible term. In advertising, at least. Since the main goal of an ad is to perfectly communicate your message, directly into your consumer's heart, it should be called Visual Communication. Oh, and THAT, I love doing.
Logos, signs, ads, brochures, websites, or a full branding package, let me communicate it for you - I always hit the nail on its head.


Whether you're a business or non-profit trying to activate human beings, I'll get them moving for you. I know the human brain. (I am a psychologist in a parallel universe! Studied for it in this one.) I have many years of marketing experience. I've created thousands of ads and structured many successful campaigns. Hit me with your challenge, I'll solve it.


I get it. You're not ready to proceed yet. You already have a designer or a team, or, even worse, you already have all your material and plans ready (or you have nothing at all). You just need help to create a better experience for your customers, make an important decision, or review your stuff. Bring it on, I'll provide you clarity and some original thinking.

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