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Branding Glossary_

It's my playground, over 20 brand ingredients I will help you craft to perfection.


It's your speech to your crowd, that millisecond opportunity to get their attention. If you don't manage to get the full attention of the right people, you wasted money.


Audience definition is the foundation of every successful brand. Who are they, what marketing do they consume, what's their slang, their options, their wishes...


Oh well. That's the all-inclusive term, all the ones here, combined. The coherence between all the parts, and your personality in the market


The multisided paper agent that represents you out there, printed or digital, it is to deliver your message and keep people interested throughout.

Business Card

Slightly outdated in 2019 but still a must for most businesses around. It's one of those things you have to do. Do it well.


We love them, but we want to know them, what's their strengths what opportunity did they miss out, what emotions have they neglected, what space did they leave for you to grab.


An opportunity to deepen your impression on your existing or potential clients. Often neglected and addressed as merely a mean to communicate a tangible message.

Letter Heading

Easy to design, easy to screw up. It carries your message around and you want it to be just right.


That's your face, your very first impression, it needs to reflect the top values of your brand, your/her/his/my design taste is the last influence to consider


A crystal clear mission statement makes everything easier. It's the compass to refer to, whenever you have an important move or decision to make


A successful name taps onto the right buttons, a good name combined with a correct logo design reflects a lot about your status and mission before you even say something


Really that should be named Humanology. Understanding deeply the effect of your actions and creations on the human brain is a skill you want at your side

Public Relations

How to present yourself, what to say and where to say it, get your word out there, but make it fit your general image, make it work for you


Maintaining a proactive relationship with your clients - not only throughout the sales process is a secret weapon you don't want to neglect


Are you offering, persuading, pushing, scaring, attracting, suggesting, whispering, screaming, talking.. how do you attract people's attention and get them to sign


Not every business has an opportunity to include touch, sound, feel and scent as part of their brand, but if you are lucky to have it, don't spoil it. Let's design it for success.


What can you or should you include, or perhaps remove from your offering, in order to create a seamless and beneficial experience for your clients and your bottom line


There are several types of slogans, descriptive to abstract, but really there are only two types: The good ones, and the bad ones. Do a good one.

Social Media

Most businesses have to be there, some more than others. If you have to be there, make sure you look good, alive, and dressed appropriately.

Tone of Voice

Are you funny or wit, serious or cheerful, formal, thoughtful, personal, assertive, etc. Who cares what you are 🙂 What do we want your brand to be?


People know your website before they know you. If they ask Google about you and you ain't there, well represented, you probably don't exist.

Something else

There's always something unique to every business that can't be part of any list, bring it on, we'll customize it and make it part of your brand orchestra.

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